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Dear Customer,

Thanks for buying Wansview IP camera.
If you can't find the trouble shooting that you want on this page, please contact us via follow-ing emails.





Please provide below informations in your email, below information is very important for us to help you.

Camera's model name:

Firmware Version:

Amazon order number:

Your problem(It would be better to provide picture to show your problem and detailed description):

Trouble Shooting:

Unable to connect the camera Q3S to 2.4GHz WiFi(5Ghz WiFi is not supported! )?
Unable connect the camera K2 to WiFi?
Failed to add the camera on Mac softaware?
Able to access the camera when the camera and phone connect the same wifi, but Unable to access the camera when you're outside?
Want to connect the camera to VLC?
Want to use MJPEG URL to access the camera?
Can't see anything in dark?
Gmail Email alarm setting: